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My Higurashi Outbreak reading progress

BEWARE! This maybe the spoiler!

First half done.
I’m not sure all of them, this’s what I got with my low level Japanese.

Story begins from Jun 27th. The news about a mysterious virus is spread out on TV and helicopter, everyone is recommended not leave their house. Telephone and water is cut off, but there are water supporting cars from government.

After few days, finally Keiichi can meet Rena and Mion, they’re safe. Looks like Rika and Satoko are not in same section with them. In this situation, Rika’s position is very important to calm down villagers, since the fear of the curse of Oyashiro-sama. But, no ones know what’s going on to her. According to Mion’s information from radio and others, Rika now is going with dicease protection corps. That makes some people think Rika is infected… Without Rika, Satoko’s not only living alone, but also be thought Houjou family is the reason why they meet this situation (Oyashiro-sama’s curse).

Not only Satoko, Keiichi and Rena are becoming their target too. The reason is they haven’t lived in Hinamizawa for many generations, but went out, came back or being outsiders… Those things are easy for understand. Because in that situation, people want someone to take responsibility…

Three people sense someone was watching their talks… They stop, Mion warns Keiichi and Rena for whatever will happen to them…

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