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My Higurashi Outbreak reading progress (end)

BEWARE! This maybe the spoiler!

Second half done. Check here for first part.
More interesting, blood comes. Only Keiichi, Rena and Mion are main casts…

The village has been being sealed off for many days, today is July 7th. There’s something wrong, no water supporting cars. From anger, villagers become worry. Some of them think that maybe the seal is off, then everyone try to go out the village. But, dicease protection corps now are replaced with the army and more security is set up. The villagers understand they are being left…

Late of night, a letter for Keiichi. From Mion, she says Keiichi and family should be ready for an escape in next night. The villagers are now very anger and no one can stop them (Oryou is ill). She planned an escape route for Keiichi and Rena’s family, but… doesn’t notice about Satoko, who will meet the most dangerous situation.

While Keiichi’s confusing that part, the door bell rings. It’s Rena, she’s very hurry. On Rena’s back is Mion with many blood. She was attacked while giving the letter to Rena. There’re some pursuers, Keiichi with the bat, and Rena with the cleaver in one hand (other hand still keeps Mion) fight them. Seems no pursuers, Mion begins explaining everything.

Three days ago, everyone was still calm. But now, after 72 hours, they’re more dangerous than the mysterious virus. The reason why Mion didn’t notice about Satoko is she being captured and taken to Onigafuchi marsh (prepared for a Watanagashi?) by the villagers. They’re so many, Mion thinks can’t save her. However, Satoko maybe still alive, that’s what Rena wants to know. Leave Mion going escape with Maebara family first, Rena and Keiichi go to rescure Satoko… 1vs100… what will happen to them…?

Those are the fiction written by… Takano (and R07) for giving a thank to Twilight Frontier - who did Higurashi Daybreak game. That’s why, this story is named “Outbreak” XD XD

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